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    Tuesday Feb 27 2024

    ©2023 Zhemin
    A collection of 10 animated digital creatures — each a medley of nostalgic references, evoking the plastic forms of our favourite childhood toys to create a family of endearing digital misfits. ︎︎︎ Full Project 

    盆栽动物 Bonsai Animals

    Bonsai Animals are a recent series of works of mine. It's a collection of abstract explorations focusing on creatures that exist in imagination. As unique individuals, each bonsai represent different worldviews and appearances. They are surreal in a digital space, within a uniform box, blurring the line between digital and physical space.       
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    管道工程 Pipeworks
    Half manual + half Procedural. It's human-machine integration.

    OPPO Find X5  Promo

    Have fun. Enjoy exploring.       ︎︎︎ Back to Top